Lost Locomotive


On the way home from Vermont, we drove home through New York back roads to take in a little more of the beautiful fall foliage. Between old barns and bridges, we stumbled upon some giant locomotives sitting on an abandoned rail line.

Through some research by my road trippin’ bud Abandoned with Sherman Cahal, it was discovered that this old engine was a GG-1 electric powered locomotive; built by General Electric and the Pennsylvania’s Railroad’s Altoona Works.

The locomotives were eventually purchased by the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley heritage railroad and then later bought by Delaware Otsego where they were used as freight trains.

Freight usage eventually decreased and the last train operated in 1987. The railroad petitioned to abandon the 16 mile track where permission was granted in 1995.

The Leatherstocking Railway Historical Society acquired the railway and received a grant from the Dept. of Transportation where they were able to renovate and display trains in Cooperstown since the late 90’s. Much of the track still remains abandoned due to poor track conditions.