Mckeesport, PA


“Tube City”

Mckeesport, Pennsylvania located about 12 miles upstream from Pittsburgh was once a major steel manufacturing city in the 1900’s. It reached its peak population of in the 1940’s and was where future Presidents John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon had memorable labor debates in 1947. National Tube Works was the largest employer, employing almost 10,000 citizens and the city’s future looked bright as they led the world in the production of iron pipe. But then, like many rust belt cities, the decline of the steel industry started to make a large impact on the city’s future. The once thriving population of around 55,000 started to dwindle. Empty storefronts and abandoned buildings became normal. Sitting at a population of around 20,000 now, Mckeesport is a shell of itself but still offers many beautiful and historic sites. I walked along Shaw Ave and saw so many gorgeous abandoned Victorians. These old cities always remind on what America was built on and hopefully Mckeesport can once again regain its glory days.