A Silver Lining

A few weeks ago, I entered my photo essay on the Guilin Chinese fishermen to the World Nomads Scholarship competition. Thousands of people entered with the grand prize winning a flight to Myanmar to photograph the Water Festival; under the study of acclaimed Lonely Planet photographer Richard I’Anson. I’Anson was also my favorite Photographer on the Nat Geo show Tales by Light and shooting with him would be incredible.

To be certain, I really wanted to win this.
I was notified last week I was shortlisted for the Top 24 out of the thousands who applied. I had a Skype interview with the Director telling her about my essay and my photography aspirations. It went very well.

After an excruciating couple days of waiting, I found out last night that I DID NOT win. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed and disappointed. This would’ve been life changing.

But I always look for the silver lining. Though it may take longer than expected, I still know I’m on the right track with my photography career. Knowing 3 award winning professional photographer judges put my submission in the top 24 out of thousands means something. It just motivates me to work even harder.

Here’s the link for the photo essay if you are interested.

Letting Tradition Live Photo Essay link

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