Milky Way over Mobius Arch


Milky Way over Mobius Arch

Alabama Hills, California

This is my first ever successful 6 image panorama edit of the milky way using a star tracker, the edit only taking a mere 10 hours. 😅
I wanted to do this place justice after the incredible night I spent there, having the place mostly to myself.

As I set up, I took a second to realize how wonderfully quiet the hills were –– admiring the stillness of the landscape. After photographing for an hour, two owls started hooting back and forth, a welcome gift from nature, breaking the silence.

I continued shooting, not taking this night for granted, when I saw a giant burst out of the corner of my eye.

An enormous meteor, coated in a dazzling brilliance of white and green, fireballed directly above head and across the sky. It seemed to go on for forever (it was at least a good 2-3 seconds), before it exploded into two and trailed off into the night.

It was by far the biggest meteor I’ve ever seen and I had literal goosebumps after witnessing this awesome experience. I couldn’t stop smiling and realizing how lucky I was to be able to see this. Unfortunately, it was out of my frame but hopefully you enjoy this image as much as I do.