Ghost Ship


“Ghost Ship”

The “Celt” first set sail in 1902 from Wilmington, Delaware, originally as a luxury yacht created for the wealthy railroad executive, J. Rogers Maxwell. As a 180 foot steam powered ship, it was then purchased by the Navy and renamed the Sachem. It was used to outmaneuver German U-Boats to supply Great Britain during World War I and was outfitted with depth charges to sink U-boats and defended against torpedoes. Not only that, but it also carried Thomas Edison as a passenger while he conducted experiments at the New York Harbor. The ship exchanged hands again to a banker and then to a Brooklyn Captain for use as a fishing charter.

It then was sold back to the Navy and utilized by sailors as a training program to test sonar equipment in Key West Harbor. It was once again sold and used as a ferry for Long Island tourists for over 40 years before eventually being sold to a Lawrenceburg, Kentucky native in the 80’s. The ship was then forgotten about and has remained in a cove off of the Ohio River rotting away. Sad to see such a beautiful wreck completely abandoned and wasting away. It was an incredible sight to behold.