The Highline Trail


Glacier National Park, Montana

30 minutes after this blue sky, the sky grew dark, and the temperature dropped. The wind howled and the storm was rolling in. On the other side of the mountain awaited a Grizzly bear, whom I was anxiously excited to view and photograph. 3 miles into the hike where the trail hugged the mountain, we were now in no man’s land. The rain picked up, and then the rain turned into hail. The hail wasn’t like Ohio hail; this hail pelted us in almost dime sized varieties. We took cover under small scrubs for 30 minutes but it was not to pass. I hesitantly was resigned to the fact that Justin, Elena and I were to turn back before we were blown off the side of the mountain. It was a hell of an adventure but still waiting to see a Grizzly in the wild. This photo of Justin is him headed back through the heart of the storm.

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