The Milky Way over Crater Lake National Park


The Milky Way over Crater Lake National Park, Oregon and winner of the Backpacker Magazine Nat’l Photo Contest

Standing 1,000 feet above the deepest lake in the United States with 40 mph winds ripping through at midnight was one of the most thrilling photographic experiences of my life. With snow still on the ground in late May, it was about 20* when we snapped these photos at the frozen rim. We patiently waited for the Milky Way to rise over Wizard Island while attempting to keep our focus as we navigated our way through the ice and darkness. My body was violently shaking from the cold, but this place filled me with a child like joy as it is sometimes hard to comprehend the beauty of what I am seeing. Watching stars rise over a 1,996 foot deep lake was one of those moments that will be forever engrained into my mind.