Tai Chi at the Bund


Every morning in Shanghai, China, dozens of residents practice the ancient practice of Tai Chi along the banks of the Huangpu River.

The first mention of Tai Chi dates back to the Book of Changes in the Zhou Dynasty (1100 BC). Its principles are based in Taoism; which focus on the natural balance of all things and the need for spiritual living within nature.
It incorporates “yin” and “yang” which are opposing forces within the body and “qi,”which is one’s life force and energy. Tai chi exercises are equally balanced between yin and yang which makes the exercise so effective for psychological and physical well being.

In a UCLA study of participants with tension headaches (which I also get), it was concluded to significantly reduce the number of headaches as well as the severity of the pain.

In a Portland study of elderly participants in a community center, it was concluded that the individuals who practiced tai chi showed significant improvement in all measures of functional balance, physical performance, and a reduced fear of falling.

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